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Lure Innovations Magic Craw is perfect for throwing up on the bank and crawling it in.  Count on the big ones laying there ready to ambush within the first few feet of entry.  The look and action of this presentation is so natural and yields big results.   Plus its innovative and distinct design delivers a whole host of unique features that quickly set it apart from all the others.

The blade arm is attached so it provides the bait with a realistic side to side wobble action and eliminates the constant wire tuning after every big catch, plus once hooked it helps take away any leverage the fish is trying to gain by throwing it.  The swing head design gives you higher hook-ups while tracking back straight and true even at high speeds.  It's backed with a super sharp and strong Mustad® 2X premium needle point hook that's rated for fresh or salt-water action, a quality ball bearing swivel, first in class matching heavy vibrating blade and our exclusive duraflex strong yet flexible custom wire frame.  Truly a confidence bait you can count on and take anywhere.

Our sculptured head features 3-D eyes, flared gills and pouty lips that’s hard for any big fish to resist and complimented with an extremely durable powder coat finish.  Underneath the soft plastic trailer is a quick-change collar which securely holds a skirt or more of your favorite soft plastics so you can build your own distinct lures.  That attention to detail, the list of quality components, and the art of craftsmanship that goes into each and every one, we've simply spared no expense to build you the absolute best!

This custom made compact spinnerbait is 1/2 oz. in weight.  It's heavy enough to cast right into the wind and can be worked easily in deep or shallow water.  Don't let the compact size fool you as it does with other big fish, this lure flat out delivers on so many species.  Tie one on and see,  it'll add some excitement in the way you catch fish.  Guaranteed!

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